News Paper Ad

Print Media

Print Media is the most comprehensive and traditional media which occupies master share of the advertising budget of all brands and services, irrespective of geography. At censer, we pioneer in print media advertising with handsome experience of over two decades. We have acquired experience in all facets of print media like Newspaper, Magazine, Periodical and International print media.

News Paper Ad

We are an accredited advertising agency by Indian Newspaper Society. By virtue of this accreditation, we are authorized to advertise in any Newspaper/Magazine/Periodical not only in India but all over the world. We are DAVP approved creative and media advertising agency to undertake advertising campaigns of government departments. It is testimony of our approach and creativity.

Magazine Ad

At the outset, there seems no specific change in the advertising of Newspaper and Magazine. But this is not the case, the psychology of advertising for Newspaper and Magazine are different. The shelf life of the Magazine is higher than the Newspaper. The reading posture, the reading habit, the mindset is different from those of newspaper. Hence the magazine advertising is considered best for the household goods and personal use items.

We reflect these differences at creative levels, which brings desired results for the clients and give ‘value for the money’. We have special rates, innovative packages for various magazines for focused clients and products.

Press Release

A press release is nothing but a news story that reveals important details of any specific event, ceremony, service, business or a person. When you are planning to promote your service or business there is nothing better than press release. By developing newsworthy content and distributing it to the appropriate outlets, you can achieve your goal of getting your brand in front of the right audience. We also have excellent tie- ups with the media, journalists, and editors to place the press release to give ‘value for money’ to our clients.

Press Conference

Organizing a press conference is a tedious task for clients. It is an indispensable tool for getting media attention. They can be organized by campaigners to present issues related to the campaign to Journalists. It is generally for the public to acquire specific information about a subject or event. We have capabilities, network and tie-ups to organize a successful press conference.